Inlet and outlet piping for gas turbines

For gas turbines we produce large-diameter pipes of a wide variety of shapes, diameters, configuration and purpose.

  • We produce air supply piping at gas turbine inlet in vertical and horizontal design, most often made from carbon steel.The piping elements are uninsulated or with external insulation. Special stainless steel design has been manufactured for power units operating in an aggressive corrosive maritime environment.
  • We produce flue gas piping at gas turbine outlet in vertical and horizontal design. The Corten material was used until recently, today it is fine-grained steel.

This includes parts with internal and external insulation and covered stainless steel sheets. In relation to its environment the insulating systems also play a thermal and noise-protection role. Due to great dynamics of flue gases exiting from turbines barrier systems are positioned inside the piping in order to alter turbulent flow into laminar one, thus functioning as noise suppressors. 

Size of piping segments depend on the power unit output up to limits imposed by road transport. Our customers are important suppliers of power equipment operating globally. In fact, our target destination is literally the entire world from Alaska to the Mediterranean, from the Mediterranean to Asia. We have been involved in the production of the above-mentioned piping systems continuously since 1999, and this is one of the key products of PBS INDUSTRY in terms of the volume of supplies. 

Stator housing and generator frames

Electric generator is an electrical device used to convert mechanical energy of the turbine to electrical energy.

  • We produce complete housing and frame weldments, which are the basic building elements of  generators.
  • A wide range of materials is used in the manufacture, mainly metal sheets and rolled profiles.
  • The basic classification of stator housings used across several different types produced. The weight range is from 20 to 70 metric tons.
  • The frames of stator housings are classified by size into so-called small and large ones with weights ranging from 5 to 25 t.

The above product segment is mainly made from carbon materials; stainless steel is used to a lesser extent. Our customers are suppliers of complete power assemblies both in Europe as well as overseas. PBS INDUSTRY has been involved in the production from the late 1990s and one can say that this is a traditional production, perfected both as the technological as well as in the manufacturing aspects are concerned.  

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