Heating elements

For more than 70 years we have been acquiring experience related to production of heating elements used by world manufacturers of air and gas-gas heaters for practically all types of the equipment.

Profiling of the heating elements is made on a modern automatic manufacturing line, the only one in the territory of the former Czechoslovakia. A special cutting system allows the plates to be cut with a tolerance of +/- 1 mm, which guarantees the high shape accuracy of the basket heating elements.  

According to the customer's requirements we are able to provide heating elements in several versions of basket, depending on the rotor design and the environment.

For combustion of fuels with a higher content of sulphur, the heating elements used for the cold side of the rotary heater are protected from low-temperature corrosion by using CORTEN material or enameled coating for extremely high resistance in environments with sulphur acid. Endurance functional tests of enameled profiles in real environments proved that the operating life of the enameled heating elements is 4 times longer than that of the heating elements made from unprotected carbon steel. The enameled surface also reduces formation of deposits. The weight of deposits on the enameled profiles is only 15 - 40% of the weight of deposits on unprotected steel. Also the possibility of reducing the flue gas output temperature is important.   

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