Company history

130 years of tradition and experience

The origins of PBS INDUSTRY, a.s. date back to 1885 when Wallig company was founded. It manufactured copper boilers and later distilling equipment. Another firm also playing its part in the company history was called L. Benz and Comp. Located in the part of Třebíč called Na Potoce, the firm engaged in the production of petrol engines. Thanks to top-quality work of their workers both firms gradually earned a good reputation not only at home but also beyond the borders of the former Austria-Hungary. Consequently, they began to expand and build new plants.

Any further development of both companies was hampered by world wars and by nationalisation which saw both firms becoming part of the První brněnská strojírna. This was the moment the PBS plant came into existence in Třebíč. Most of the production moved to new modern production halls, which were opened with great ceremony in 1966. The new plant was newly tasked with the manufacture of steam generators for nuclear power stations.

In 1994 the plant became an independent joint stock company, PBS Třebíč, a.s., and a gradual process of transformation was thus begun. In the 1990s the company acquired new contracts and its production programme was adjusted accordingly. In 2004, the investment group and joint stock company Jet Investment Management, a.s. became the major owner. It specializes in company revitalization, restructuralisation and reorganisation.

Another important milestone in the history of the company occurred in 2007 when PBS INDUSTRY, a.s. established a subsidiary limited-liability company, PBS POWER EQUIPMENT, s.r.o.


Since 2021, PBS INDUSTRY has been part of the 2JCP GROUP.


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