Bronswerk Heat Transfer

Bronswerk Heat Transfer spol. s r.o is a mechanical engineering company with a history dating back to the early nineties of the last century, and with its production and services rendered it is focused on equipment and systems of heat transfer in the industry. The company has its registered seat in Benešov nad Ploučnicí, a small town in the north of the Czech Republic, in the immediate vicinity of the border with the FRG. For more than twenty years of its activity, Bronswerk Heat Transfer has established itself in a variety of countries of the European Union and Central and Eastern Europe as a noteworthy producer and supplier of heat exchange systems. The key products of the company are particularly air cooled heat exchangers, shell & tube heat exchangers and air cooled condensers. Its supplies include also other mechanical engineering products which relate to heat transfer systems.
Within its industry, the company also renders servicing activities, inspection and consultancy services. Bronswerk Heat Transfer finds its major customers typically beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.
The exclusive customers comprise industrial companies, petrochemical and energy generating plants. Other customers of the company include contractors of superior investments projects where Bronswerk Heat Transfer participates therein as a subcontractor.
Bronswerk Heat Transfer specializes to the process:
design, design documentation, construction, and supplies of the systems and different equipment for heat exchange systems.
 Bronswerk Heat Transfer endeavors to continually expand the production and contractor’s program and services rendered. Thanks to the license agreements for the designing programs for the thermal-hydraulic design of exchangers and the flow of fluids, the company is able to prepare the design and to perform the supply of different non-standard equipment according to the wish of the customer. The vision of Bronswerk Heat Transfer is to offer, in addition to supplies of separate equipment, also complete packages of technological systems.

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