Pressure parts of boilers and accessories

The systems manufactured and delivered by PBS INDUSTRY also include fossil fuel-fired water-tube steam boilers including accessories up to the output of 300 t/h of steam. There are also large-range output hot water boilers of similar design. Our production programme includes fuel gas boilers utilising heat from various external sources such as flue gases at the outlet of gas turbines, or utilising heat from previous chemical technology of outputs of up to 25 t/h of steam or 15 MW of hot water. In the water-tube boiler segment there are also so-called packaged boilers delivered in a compact block to provide steam outputs of up to 25t/h. We also offer a lower-output and lower-parameter flue boilers with outputs from 1.5 t/h up to 20 t/h of steam or 1.3 MW to 15 MW of hot water.

In addition to tube systems of pressure boiler parts PBS INDUSTRY deliveries contain an extensive range of accessories. In particular, these are fluidized-bed boiler components, stop valves and complete system of boiler coaling feeding and ash removal. There are also steam blowers and water washers for the cleaning of heat transfer surfaces.

Boilers and boiler parts and accessories belong among the oldest, most original and traditional products within the PBS INDUSTRY product structure. They are linked to the very roots of our company history going back as far as 1885 when the Wallig Company was established. They involve deliveries for leading entities in the power industry engaged in the construction or renovation of power or heating sources worldwide.  When it comes to boiler accessories the deliveries are most often made directly to end operators of these resources.

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