Since 2021, PBS INDUSTRY has been part of the 2JCP GROUP


2JCP is the global provider of gas turbine auxiliary systems, subsea equipment, non pressure and pressure piping as well as food and industrial processing equipment and packaging products.

We deliver our products and services to 50 countries worldwide and have Engineering offices and Manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

Since 1992 we have been helping our customers to achieve better performance and reliability from their gas turbines through innovative air filtration, temperature and noise control solutions. We offer both standard designs and wide flexibility to customize new systems or upgrades.


Company History

The original company's name was derived from the initials of the founders, Jaroslav Paces and Josef Cerny (2xJ CP) in 1990. The company initially specialized in the production of furniture and welding but by 1997 2 JCP had moved to its current premises in Racice, Czech Republic where it has continued to expand and enter more complex markets at home and abroad, designing and producing a wide range of increasingly sophisticated products and providing an array of services.

Our Goal is

...to become a comprehensive, successful and sustainable business, respected within each of the sectors in which it operates.

This will be achieved through continual growth and improvement, and be built upon the foundations of strong, long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our Customers, Employees, Partners and Suppliers.

Our primary core value is that we must always deliver value to our customers.



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